Friday, November 28, 2014

Welcome to the AWOA

The Arkansas Wildlife Officers Association (AWOA) is a non-profit organization made up of wildlife officers (a.k.a. game wardens) here in the great state of Arkansas. The AWOA was formed by game wardens for game wardens as a non-profit organization to advance the principals of proper law enforcement, to actively support legislation that works to advance wildlife law enforcement, and to promote a high degree of professionalism and morale. 

    The AWOA’s funding is created through ads sold for our magazine which is currently published three times a year. It is filled with articles and pictures from wildlife officers past and present along with advertisements from all of our sponsors. Without our sponsors and other supporters we would not be able to continue to help children and families across the state. Every year the AWOA donates thousands of dollars to organizations in Arkansas that promote children’s programs and family development:  one organization being the Arkansas Children’s Hospital. For this great chain of generosity and dedication, the AWOA greatly thanks its sponsors and supporters across the state. 

    Please take a minute to browse the website. Read some of the articles that have been published in our magazines and feel free to visit some of our supporter’s links. You can also purchase some AWOA merchandise. If you have any questions regarding advertisement information in our magazine, please call (800)440-5537. If you have any questions or comments regarding the Arkansas Wildlife Officers Association, please email me at


Thanks for visiting the website,

Cpl. Tracey Blake

AWOA President


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